Thursday, March 23, 2006


Skang tgh suke dgr lagu Semusim, versi Zahid AF2. Suke giler...

semuanya tlah terjadi
cintaku telah pergidan kini kusendiri
tanpa dirimu lagi
tak mudah menepis cerita indah

semusim tlah kulalui
tlah kulewati tanpa dirimu
tetapi bayang wajahmu
masih tersimpan dihati

tak pernah kubayangkan
kau putuskan cintaku.
ku coba tuk lupakan
semua tentang dirimu

tak mudah bagiku melupakan mu

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wonders of my life

I’ve just noticed that none of my entry in this blog of mine has got a little something written about the two wonders of my life. Well, for this entry, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to write about my two wonderful boys. Well, it’s more about the eldest, to be exact.

I’ve just realised that I’ve been such a jerk for the past few weeks since my last entry. I didn’t only break my own heart but also the heart of those who love me. I’ve also noticed that I’ve never written much on the two wonders of my life; my two sons. In conjunction with my eldest son’s 5th birthday which is in the middle of March, I’m gonna write a little something about him.

He was born about five years ago when I was in the midst of finishing my final project and thesis. I decided to call him Han cause I kinda like the name ever since the first few months of pregnancy. It wasn’t that easy for me and my hubby to bring up our first child. Both of us had to sacrifice our desires and wants just to raise Han in the best way that we could afford. I won’t reveal all the rough and tough times that we went through in his upbringing, it’ll only make me cry everytime I recall those moments.

Long story short, our little Han has started school (kindergarten to be exact) since January ’06 and he’s catching up really fast in class. One specialty that I think Han possesses over his schoolmates is, Han can write with his both his left and right hands. Before he started schooling, my hubby and I were fully aware that Han is left-handed. We’d never trained or forced him in anyway to use his right hand. It wasn’t that easy though for a right-handed mama to teach a left-handed son to hold the pencil and teach him his ABCs. Now that Han’s in school, he uses both his left and right hands to write his ABCs or draw his favourite choo choo train, but his left-handedness is still prominent and dominant than his right.

My handsome Han is reliable and accountable. You see, I had my youngest son, Nine, when Han was about 22 months old. It was quite a small gap between my two boys. From the very 1st day of pregnancy, Han had shown signs of love towards his younger brother. Now that Han is almost 5 and Nine is 3 years, their brotherhood is growing stronger. Han is very close to Nine and they spend more time with each other than they do with either me or my hubby. It’s such a joy to watch their strong bonding. Han is always there for his brother, Nine. He’s much better at soothing his brother than I do.

From the way they interact and talk to each other, I could tell that they are very close to one another. They have very similar interest. I guess maybe Nine is trying as much as possible to emulate his brother. I’m very proud of my sons. I pray hard for them to achieve what they want in life.