Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 - A review

It's time to say good bye yet again to another year. Time seems to slip by without much notice. It passed by so quickly that I'd just realised that I'd spent nearly a third of my life being married to this man who loves me ever so dearly. I was going through the list of posts I'd written ever since I'd set up this blog and had come to realise that the number of posts deteriorated as the blog grew older. I'd been thinking that may be the time has come for this blog to be completely shut down as I no longer have the time to pen down my thoughts. There are so many things running through my head each day as I walk to and fro work and at that moment of time I felt that they should all be put into writings but by the time I had the chance to use the computer, those thoughts had either completely vanished or I'd given a second thought about sharing them with others and decided to bury them in my head instead.
Sometimes I feel I could no longer write as good as I used to. I remember being able to type effortlessly when I first started blogging. May be being in the thirty's category has put me off from expressing myself bluntly without thinking things thoroughly. Is this a sign that I'm getting older? And as one gets and feels older, does it guarantee one to become wiser? I'm not sure if I'm becoming any wiser than I was five years ago, but I'm certain that I'm facing the thirty-something crisis. In less than three weeks I'll be joining the thirty-something club. The more I think of it, the more I feel my dire need of achieving something in my life. I pray and hope that 2010 would be a good turning point in my thirty-plus life.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friends reunited

Last few days, we had a good old friend of ours over for the Xmas break. She is one of our classmates whom we haven't met for 15 years. She now lives with Zurich, Swiss with her beloved hubby. It was good to finally be reunited with old friends. They bring back all those good old memories we once shared. I remember her very well cause I used to sit next to her when I was in Form 2. Thanks to her my written and spoken English has trumendously improved. I could vividly recall how we used to share our dinner during recess. During our festive season, we'd bring over our delicacies to be shared; I'd brought rendang and pulut for her and she'd gave me a box of mooncake. After two years being good mates, we then moved to different schools and went our separate ways. That was how we lost contact of each other. Who would have thought after 15 years of no news whatsoever, we'd bumped into each other on facebook and finally decided to meet up in Manchester. I look forward to paying her a visit sometimes next year. My dearest friend, it was so good to see you again.

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas

This is Nine's first entry for the coming festive season. I'm surprised at the age of 6, Nine could write effortlessly. Here's what Nine has written: