Tuesday, July 04, 2006

back to reality

I've just got back from a one-week Eurotrip organised and sponsored by my hubby. We went to the most romantic city; Paris, stayed at a grand hotel overlooking the arch de triumph; hotel splendid etoile. Thanks so much Abg Sayang for making my dream a reality. The weather was fine in Paris, not too chill and not too hot, I really love the cool breeze despite the bright sunshine.

The most memorable moment spent in Paris would be our dinner at the infamous Eiffel tower which was followed by cruise along the river. We crossed all the 39 bridges in Paris. We watched the locals spend their summer along the river banks. Some were camping out, others were picnicking and there were even those who conducted dancing lesson there. My my, what a view. My hubby & I agreed that KL metropolitans should make full use of the rivers in KL. It could be a new place to hang out besides the mushrooming shopping complex. We didn't spend so much time on sightseeing as the main attractions are palaces and museums. According to our tour guide, there are about 59 museums all over Paris. That's a hell lot of museums and I was never interested in museums. To me, they are nothing but places with historical exhibits.
I haven't been able to upload the pictures taken in Paris as my hubby's USB cable had gone missing. I guess we'd have to buy a replacement for the cable.

After a couple of days spent in Paris, we headed to London via the Eurostar train. The journey took about 2 hours before we arrived at London's Waterloo station. London was damn hot (tapi xde la sepanas Cyberjaya). We didn't do much sightseeing since I was more eager to shop in London :D plus my hubby had been there before. We did take the Big Bus tour though, you know just to get a better pict of London and the places of interest around it. The most unforgettable event during my trip to London was the EuroPride parade. I couldn't help but wonder, what ever happened to their sanity that they end up being what they are. I prayed to God, please don't ever let such thing happen in my home land.

p/s: to view some of the picts taken go to anidraw.fotopages