Wednesday, January 31, 2007

separation is hard...

it's been a while since the last time i updated this blog of mine. the primary reason would be because of my hubby's coming back to msia for xmas & new year holiday. my kids & i had the chance to spend his three-week off-time by going to places that we had also wanted to go. we went from temerloh to penang to genting highlands and port dickson. and not to mention kl's main attractions like istana budaya where we watched a musical theater, and definitely the place where the animals of the sea are exhibited; aquaria. we had so much fun together & took so many pictures of us at the places that we went to.

after three weeks of holidaying, my hubby had to head back to manchester. once again, we were gonna be separated by the 13,000 miles distance and this time, the separation was even worse as my eldest son would be following my hubby back to manchester. on the night when my youngesnt son & i sent both of them to klia, my sons seemed happy especially my eldest son since this is his first long-haul flight and he knew that he'd be going to england, the place where you can find snow. both were so happy upon the sight of an airplane.

they didnt realise of what was coming ahead of their joy. they never that msia and england are so far from each other though time and time again i kept reminding my eldest that he'll be so far away from the home land. my eyes filled with tears as i kissed and hugged my eldest son but i fought the tears from running down on my cheeks upon seeing his cheerful face. my sons exchanged goodbyes and waved happily while i on the other hand was so sad to see my eldest son & hubby made their way to the boarding gate. my sons didnt realise that they'll be separated for quite a long time from one another. they never knew that they wont be meeting each other (physically) for at least six months from the day the flight took off.

my hubby and i felt sorry that we had to separate our two sons who are very very close to each other. they always comforted each other whenever they were scolded. they were always protective of one another. i remember one time when we went back to my hubby's hometown in penang, a cousin of my hubby who's only two years old hit my eldest son with a toy. my eldest son didnt fight back but cried. my youngest son then grabbed the skinny little boy's arm and hardly pinched the boy. this is just a mere example of their close brotherhood.

right now, i cant wait to finish my studies so that i can take my youngest son to manchester in the soonest time cause this separation is slowly killing our souls. i cant hardly wait for the day when we board our flight to manchester to be with the other half of us who are awaiting us there.