Friday, August 15, 2008

Make over

I've planned to give my personal journal a face-lift for ages now. In fact, I've been begging my ever-loving spouse to design a new look for "Bed of Roses" since the past few months. Honestly, not having my wish granted was the main reason why I decided to boycott this blog from being updated. After months of persistent begging and appealing for a new face, I've finally gotten the make over that this page deserves to have. I know the colour scheme may look a little too feminine to some people but personally I think the colour really suits the blog name, Bed of Roses.
Some of you gentle readers might wonder why this piece of webpage is named the way it is now. Some may even wonder if it carries a certain meaning with it. To be frank, I never knew the exact definition of the term 'Bed of Roses' but the main reason why I chose this title was plainly because I am a big fan of the flower Rose. I simply love roses not just for its very attractive looks but also the sweet alluring smell that it carries with it. Coincidentally, according to my dad my given name in arabic means roses. I thought to myself, what better way to describe this little collection of writings than Bed of Roses which I happen to have likened from the moment I first heard of it.

Although the meaning of this connotation does not mirror the primary contents of this webpage which focuses on the ups, downs, twists, and turns in mylife as a wife, mother, daughter, or simply as a lady; the definition of 'Bed of Roses' is a clear reflection of my true colour. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm the kind of person who loves trouble free mind. I could never carry huge burden on my own, I'd always have to share the weight with my life partner. I guess that could have been why this blog was initially set up; a place for me to pour myself out as and when I please.

So, to my faithful gentle readers I hope that you agree with me on the new look of this page. But, if you don't, I'm always open for other suggestions as I'm thinking of giving yet another face lift to Bed of Roses during the winter season.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My first anniversary

It's been months since the last time I updated this blog of mine. Looks like it's cobwebbed everywhere and there's gonna be lot of dusting off to do to make this blog ship-shape again. Anyhow, truth to tell, the reason for my long abandoning this blog from being updated is that I've been preoccupied following some programmes on the telly. Another contributing factor is that my precious laptop's been snatched by someone at home whose notebook's crashed and decided to use mine instead to keep his blog updated from time to time. Still, I should never use these excuses from updating this journal.

July 7th marked my 1st anniversary of living in England. 1st anniversary means a lot to me as it clearly indicates that I've successfully gone through the full cycle of the four seasons that the English faces every year. I remember when I first started working here sometimes in October 07, my superior told me that the most common subject that one can use as an ice-breaking conversation is the weather. I was puzzled back then as to why the English can be a little obsessive about their so-called English weather. Having completed the full cycle, I begin to understand why the weather is such a hot topic around here.

Picture this, you were waken up by the bright sunlight that went through your big window frame. You became thrilled and excited upon the sight of promising sunshine as you haven't seen that sunny ray of light for the past couple of days. The first thing that popped into your mind is you no longer need to wear long sleeves shirt to work cause you assume it'd be boiling hot in the office that day. Once you prep yourselve for work, finished up your bowl of cereal, grabbed your sandwich and opened the door to head for the office, that ray of sunlight had been blocked by dark clouds in the sky. From that moment on, that feeling of silver lining you had earlier slowly diminished as you grabbed your foldable umbrella and put your light jacket on. That's how miserable the English weather can be at times. It can change dramatically within the 24 hours period that you have in a day. So, if you happen to have the chance to visit England in the summer, be prepared to have a light jacket in one hand and an umbrella in another cause you'd just never know when one of them will come in handy.