Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Enough is enough!

This is the 4th week my hubby has been away from our homeland since his depart to Manchester on July 16th. Only God knows how much I miss him. It’s been tough for me to deal with my usual routine without my hubby to lend a helping hand. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about it since he’s only realizing my dream of being abroad. The only factor that is delaying my departure to join him is my studies. I thought of pursuing my studies there, somewhere closer to my hubby but due to the enormous school fees in the UK, I decided to complete my master’s degree here.

Life has been very difficult and challenging without him around. I’ve to handle every single little thing on my own. From handling the kids to households, everything becomes my responsibility now. Not to mention my other commitments like work and studies. As days go by I felt like the responsibilities became more burdening and greater with every tick of the seconds. So, last week, I said to myself, “this is it. I’ve had enough of juggling everything under my belt. I could’ve done it before because my hubby was here to ease the burden. I’ve to face the fact that each commitment is eating up my precious time with my kids. This has got to stop.” After some discussion (and a lil’ argument with my ever dearest hubby), I decided to terminate my self from committing to work (which eventually doesn’t improve career advancement) and concentrate on my studies (which I really enjoy doing) and attend to my kids’ growing needs.

Some of my colleagues were wondering the reason for my resignation. Some even thought that I got better offer elsewhere. I plainly told them that I just wanna focus on my studies and my family. I believe by quitting the job, I’d have ample time to study and spend time with my two boys. My resignation was also due to the fact that I miss my hubby so much. I do hope that with my termination, I’d be able to finish off my master’s degree at least, 1 semester earlier than scheduled, so I could join my beloved hubby earlier than we expected.

*peeps, pls pray that I do well for all my exams so I could be with my hubby. (sob sob)