Thursday, June 30, 2005


Yesterday my husband & I took our boys to Port Dickson as my hubby had to return some official forms received from Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson. We actually bought a studio apartment there as a means of investment. We depart Serdang at 9.00 am and reached the Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson's office around 10.30am, that was when my PMS begun. As usual, I couldnt bear the pain but once we got to our small studio apartment building the pain shattered away with the excitement & joy upon seeing the blue lagoon there. We quickly changed and jumped into the icy cold water. I took a few rides on the slide with Azhan. During our last visit, Azhan refused to slide on it - maybe last time I didnt join their water playing time, Azhan wasnt brave enough to give it a shot. Once he saw me sliding down with joy, he wanted to give a try & he really enjoyed it. After spending almost an hour in the lagoon, we changed & left. My hubby & I thought that it was worth buying the house - now we have a getaway place of our own for us to go whenever we feel like breaking away from the city hustle.
Our journey home was very tiring & exhausting - the worst part was I had to drive to & fro PD. We reached home around 2.30pm & my hubby headed to his office at 4.30pm while I drove the boys to my parents' place in Subang. I didnt wanna stay at home with the boys coz my PMS got worse - I didnt think that I could handle the boyz with the growing pain. We headed home at 10.30pm.
This morning the pain subsided but the fatigue is killing my mood. I guess I'm already in my Friday blues, looking fwd to spending the whole weekend watching tv with my hubby & the boys. I'm planning to finish watching the Law & Order Year One episodes.....

Monday, June 27, 2005

Counting d hours of another boring day

Got nothing much to do today.....still waiting for the newbie to finish her part before I can proceed with the next step.....while waiting I got nothing to do but wait, the most boring part of this job.
I'm supposed to attend an interview session with the SPA for the PTD post that I applied last year. Frankly speaking, I don't intend to go for the interview since I havent done any reading on the Federal government and any other things related to Msia, if I wanna be fully prepared for the interview I have to read one of the reference recommended during my PAC session ie the book entitled "Msia Kita". After the PAC thingy, I've put aside anything that has got sth to do with the PTD, ye la aku x budget akan lulus pon as I performed quite badly especially the public speaking & debate but of course I think I did my best for the rest of the activities. The public speaking & debate required me to fully get rid of my stage freight tp nk wat camne since school days I've been experiencing this. Have no idea how to overcome this....

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So indulge in my boredomness

Nothing much to do today as of this morning. Yesterday we were busy shifting cubicles, today nothing has been assigned for me to handle. I'm still awaiting for the sub-editor & editor to review the newsletter which is scheduled for clearing nxt Wed (22nd June). Time passes by so rapidly that I didnt realise that I've been here for amost 2.5 months, that means I'm about to complete my probationary period. My new team leader said that she wanted to hand me something to be converted into the system, so I'm still waiting for her to assign me the stuff. Until then I've got nothing to do but wait......

Monday, June 13, 2005


For the 1st time since my employment in this publishing company, I've to shift to another cubicle area inline with the new team structure. Luckily I'm still in the Australian team, since last week I've been hoping that I'll remain in the team as I'm quite comfortably working on Aussie products. Talking about moving, I could clearly recall moments spent in my previous company in Bkt Jalil. I worked for the company for 1.5 year and since my very 1st day I joined the company until the day I resigned, the department had been shifting from one floor to another from one corner of the building to the other, and the moving activity constantly took place - I'd say every 2 months there'll be minor changes to the office layout and almost every 3-4 months major changes & shifting took place. The renovating company made a lot of profit from all these shifting activities as each shift required some renovation. My former boss spent most of the company's profit on renovation & purchasing new gadgets (which were not fully utilised). I guess his preference of changing office layout is due to his indecisive decision making - you see, my former boss was quite young to be a COO, if I'm not mistaken he in his late 20s when he was appointed as the COO for the department. One minute he wanted to do this, and another minute he'd be thinking of doing something else even though the 1st project was half-way completed and he never bothered of finishing the 1st project. It could be said that most of the projects under his supervision were half-way thru done. I quit from the company a few months before the department collapsed and all staffs in the department were retrenched.
I'm very fortunate to get a better post in Cyberjaya for a company with better prospect and proper management that take things seriously.

Monday, June 06, 2005

What a relief (sigh)

It's been ages since the last time I updated my blog. I was so busy with my work last week as I had a deadline to catch. The whole last weekdays I was hooked on to my PC, I even had my lunch in front of my PC and for the 1st time ever (while my employment here) I had to stay back until late evening. The worst part was, I had to work on weekends since the product had to clear on the following Monday (today). This morning my production manager came over to my workstation to check on the progress of the product. I informed her of the obstacles that I was facing while working on the product. She seemed a little dissappointed that the product couldn't be cleared today after all, she should understand though there were so many things to be done and I've given my best effort to make it happen. She mentioned about the product being the top priority product of the company. Knowing the status of the product, she shouldn't have assigned the product to a newbee like me. I guess since my employment here, this is the 1st dark side of my employer that I spotted. I think they should properly manage the scheduling and assigning of task to staff, especially taking into consideration the newbeeis' competency in meeting deadline for a large volume of update.