Saturday, October 18, 2008

My lil' project

A few months ago, I'd penned down a part of our England tour itinerary and I'd promised to resume my writing on our special tour. Somehow for some reason after pushing the special report a side for so long I'd completely forgotten about it. It wasn't my intention to abandon that special edition journal but the thoughts of the times spent with my folks here in England would only bring tears to my eyes and make me feel like returning home in the soonest time when I could hardly afford to do so.

On my parents' last day in Bury, my dad requested for all the photos taken during their special visit to be edited and compiled into a video for him to bring home and remember by. From the very day they departed for home up till the last couple of weeks I couldn't bring myself to fulfilling my promise. In the last few weeks, compiling the pictures and videos of my parents' visit has been the project that I worked full-time on as soon as I got home from work. I'd successfully edited nearly one-third of the project when suddenly the computer froze and all composition went hay-wired. It's nearly a week since then and I automatically felt put-off thus once again abandon my mission to granting my dad's wish.

Despite my misfortune of losing my invaluable project, I'd managed to publish a tiny portion of it. Here's a snippet of a small protion of my special project:-

I know the editing is far from the professional output, and as a once graduate of Multimedia Studies I should be embarassed of my little production. I should have been able to produce something better than this. Perhaps, it's time to polish up the video editing skill I picked up six years ago.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Post-Eid entry

Sebetulnye, sehari selepas Hari Raya baru ni I'd started drafting an entry in conjunction with the special celebration just for my own record of how I celebrated my 2nd Eid here. The only problem was, I could never get myself to finish the simple entry. The more I tried to write about Eid here the more teary my eyes became. I decided that it'd be best if the recent Eid festive is pushed aside from my memory hence resume my usual daily life here.

Summer is finally over. We're seeing less and less sunlight with every passing day as we head towards the Fall season. As mentioned in one of my previous entries, a lot of people think that those living abroad are very fortunate as they not only get to experience life in foreign soil but also associate the emigrants with lavish, luxurious lifestyle. I must say, a number of them do live lavishly but to me and Fadz that's not our main goal in being here. Our target is to obtain the best education for our boys which we know we could hardly afford. I'm not saying that the national education back home ain't good enough for them but our personal experience was a good evident that our boys deserve something better than what we had.

Last week, our children's school had organised parent evening as a way to update the parents on their children's progress in school. I was more than happy to be informed that they're both doing very well in class. The teachers also highlighted areas where the boys need to polish on. Within that less than 20 minutes meeting with their class teachers, I'm more convinced now that Fadz and I had made the right decision in paving our children's future path.