Monday, June 12, 2006

Down with flu

I’ve been down with flu fever for the past few days. It’s been a while since the last time the flu germ infected my immunity system. I could think of some influential factors that caused the flu germ attack; first of, a week before the attack a close course mate of mine from the graduate school was sick with flu during our presentation day; the second factor would be our visit to Penang. My family and I went back to the Pearl Island to visit my husband’s family. It was damn hot back in the island, I think it could have been more than 34oC. I had never experience that kind of heat during any of our previous visit to Penang. After a few hours of arrival in Penang, we felt sore in our throats. A couple of days later, when we got home, the flu germ started to become inevitably visible.

Falling sick with flu fever had always been a nightmare to me. Whenever I’m down with the infamous influenza fever, I realized that I would not only influence me physically but also spiritually. I would be ill spirited cause the disease sort of shut down my entire body system especially the respiratory and when one of my nostrils is blocked, I couldn’t think straight which then would only demotivate me from doing anything and not to mention the heavy dosage of flu pills and cough syrups which cause drowsiness that may lead to falling asleep at work. Why do I have to make a big fuss about falling sick with flu? Well, my current situation doesn’t permit me to have the good old sleep as I’ve got tonnes of paper work to be completed for my studies. The long good night sleep caused by the medication had actually delayed some of the assignments. It then affected the rest of my group mate since it was a group assignment. I felt bad about causing such delay to my group.

At the moment, I'm in the battle against time as I'm really running out of time with 1 very important paper work to be completed and three enormous (i may exagerate d description of 1 text book but the rest are quite thick) text books to be read, understood & revised within a less than a week. Wish me luck, people as I'm in dire need of luck...