Friday, March 20, 2009

Adieu, Mummy!

How would you feel when you were woken up in the middle of the night by a telephone call only to be told that the woman who gave birth to you ages ago passed away? I bet most of you will be devastated, emotionally overwhelmed by this news and the only thing that you'd want to simply drop your mundane daily routine, and quickly dash off to bid adieu to this woman whom you dearly love; whom you refer to as Mama, or Ibu, or Mummy, or Mak or Umi.

I reckon your only thought is to be by her death bed in the soonest time so that you can have one last look at that motherly face of hers before it's sealed eternally under the coffin. The only problem now is you can't afford to reach the place immediately. You live miles and miles away from her and it'd take hours to finally get there. Your journey would suddenly seem longer than it used to. The knot of guilt and regret for letting your busy work life lead the way, leaving you very little time to spare with her might start to tighten up in your gut feeling.

Every mile of the way would be filled with moments spent with her; the good and the bad ones. You'd even wish that the clock would for once stop ticking and unwind to 24 hours earlier so you could be by her side and hear her last words of advise. But it's all too little too late now. She left when you least expected it. She was strong as a horse when you last saw her which is by the way nearly 12 months ago. You could weep as much as want, but every drop of the tears your shed would never bring her soul back into the body which you once shared for nine months. All you see before your very eyes is the lovely woman who'd sacrificed half her life to give you life, lying stiff in her bed like a stone.

Ever since I started living and working abroad, these thoughts would sometime linger at the back of my mind. And every time I ring home and I hear the voice of the woman I love so dearly, these thoughts would fade away. Recently though I begun to worry again when my colleague was shaken with the sudden death of her mother. Another colleague told us how they'd only been talking about her mother just a day before and how she wish she could afford to visit her mother who lives abroad more often. How would you feel if you'd just thought of visiting her tomorrow but she's no longer there today? The only thing one can do at this moment is pray, "Dear God, please take good care of this woman whom I love so much for she's my only mother" (sob).