Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm a hopper. Let me hop!

As the system progresses with time, the frequent glitches and hick-ups which occurred during the initial stage of system usage have now resided. And I in turn found myself less and less occupied at work. Through out my employment I tend to feel restless and bored every time the work load begins to be slowly lifted off my shoulder and I’m left to wander on my own. Personally I always think that the symptoms point only to one remedy; hunting down for a new job. Ever since I completed my undergraduate studies, I’d been a faithful job-hopper whose hopping pattern could clearly be seen in my resume. Somehow or rather I just couldn’t seem to stay put at a single work place for more than 18 months, and that’s the longest period of time I could hang on to an employer. My current employment is about to hit that magic number 18 and the tingling sensation of hunting for a new work elsewhere is getting stronger every day.

I’m amazed with those people who could stay loyal to a single employer for such a long time. Take my life partner, Fadz for instance. He’s been working with his current employer since 2006 and he hasn’t thought of finding a new place despite his nearly three-year’s stay. I couldn’t understand why I can’t show my loyalty to a particular employer. Like I’ve said whenever the excitement and adventure of the position started to wear off or I’m less regularly put on the alert radar, the urge of shifting to a new place would constantly linger in my mind. But in the current economic weather, I had no choice but to be patient and put up with the current lame position. Argh!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Hello 2009

Today is the fifth day in the new calendar. When most of colleagues at work happily chat about their New Year celebration, I on the contrary just don’t bother about New Year altogether. I’ve long abandoned the needs of renewing my New Year’s resolution since I left school. I remember during my schooldays, a lot of my friends believe that the New Year epitomises a starting point to be achieve goals that were not attained in the year before. As for me, New Year is nothing but another year passing in our life and a sign that every living creature will be one year older.

There are two things that I look forward in 2009 though, firstly, our trip back to Malaysia. After nearly one year and a half living far away from my large extended family in Malaysia, I’d finally be reunited with my beloved siblings, nephew and nieces. I really miss them all very dearly. As of now, Fadz and I have yet to confirm our departure date and soon we need to work on our itinerary during our stay. If possible, we want to make sure that every single day spends at home worths a thousand different memories which we'll cherish once we return to England. Secondly, I pray hard that there would finally be a silver lining to the current gloomy economic weather.