Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I'm so bored! There's nothing much to do today since I've cleared my product last Friday. This is my 3rd posts for today, it proves how bored I am at work. Out of all my employment experiences, the best place that I ever worked in is the International Medical University (IMU) in Bkt Jalil. My hands were always full of works to be done in a day, and the best part was the job had opened a lot of opportunity to meet different people everyday. I even got to know most of the staffs there, and it was fun meeting all these people with various educational background. The most unforgettable moment was during my last day there, the chairman of the uni greeted me and expressed his regret upon learning of my resignation. Despite all the good things in IMU, there were many dark secrets safely veiled and I quit because I couldnt bear lifting the weight of those secrets anymore.
I'm expecting a copy deadline for my next coming product tomorrow, as for now I'm doing nothing but 'lepak', surfing the net, felt like chatting but no one to chat to since everybody is so hooked on to their work. I should admit that I dont have a lot of friends, which might be due to my early childhood education gained from my parents. I remember during my schooldays, my mom used to nag me whenever my schoolfriend rang me & talked for more than 15 mins on the phone. She'd always use this famous sentence of hers, "Cant u chat & talk tomorrow @ school?", I'd no choice but to shorten the conversation & starting from that moment on I never really true friend. I was never really choosy when it come to friendship, as I believe that friends will always come & go as time passes by but family is the only thing that remains with you no matter what (really? I don't think so either).
The one thing to do to fulfill this boredom besides surfing the net is assist my hubby with his freelance work which is reaching deadline. There's another freelance work which has been pending for quite sometimes, I should have completed the task since last month but then due to some obstacles at this new work place of mine, it had caused delay to the progress of this freelance work. I find it hard to gain the momentum to work on a pending work, really need to motivate myself to start working on it again.


KOTA BHARU: ‘Mana abah...mana mama?’ itulah soalan sering ditanya oleh Muhammad Aiman Firdhaus Rozlan sejak dia dan dua abangnya menjadi yatim piatu apabila ibu bapa, kakak serta adik bongsu mereka terkorban dalam nahas jalan raya awal pagi kelmarin.
Bace jek headline ni, dadaku jadi sebak mengenangkan nasib si anak yang masih kecil yg harus melalui hari2 mendatang tanpa ibu & ayah tercinta. Kepada siapa agaknya selepas ini untuk mereka menumpang kaseh, tiada lagi tempat bermanja. Inilah yang dikatakan ujian Allah, tidak mengenal usia, pangkat & darjat...setiap hambaNya harus menempuhi dugaan yg telah ditetapkan olehNya. Tetapi hati kecilku terus berkata, "Anak itu maseh terlalu mentah untuk melalui ujian yg sebegitu besar, kehilangan ibu & ayah sekaligus. Ya Allah, tabahkan hati & cekalkan semangat si anak bersama abangnya menempuh dugaan mu, ya Allah".
Anak kecil itu sebaya dengan anak sulungku, Muhd Azhan yang baru mencecah usia 4 tahun 2 bulan lepas. Setiap hari aku bermohon kepada Allah agar dipanjangkan usia ini supaya dapat aku besarkan anak2 ku, An & Nain di bawah jagaan ku sendiri. Hidupku dengan suami tidaklah semewah mana, tetapi anak2 lah penguat semangat aku & suami bagi menempuh hidup yang penuh getir ini.

panic attack!

Last Friday, 20th May 05, I almost had a panic attack as the product I was working on was scheduled for clearing on 23rd May, Monday which was a public holiday. I told my superior that I planned to continue working on it on the weekends, however she declined since most of my office mates wouldnt be coming during the weekends. She then got one of the superusers (specially flown from Aust to help the newbeeis) to assist & speed up the clearing process. The superuser & I worked on it till late in the evening. About 6.30pm I finally completed the whole process, and starting from that moment on I felt so relieved and felt good about myself that I managed to finish the task within the time limit given. With the compeletion of my very 1st product, I now had a better vision of my job scope at this publishing company. During the training session, everything seemed very vauge & I was totally clueless of the things that I'll need to do. Thanks to the superusers who have been very helpful during their visit here, in Cyberjaya, most of the newbeeis had a better picture of their role in the production centre.

Monday, May 16, 2005

a quiter?

Yesterday afternoon I was shocked upon learning about my office mate's resignation. Me, she & a few other newbies have joined a publishing company located in Cyberjaya about 1.5 month ago. The surprising part is when she resigned without a word of 'goodbye'. At around 4.00 pm, she came into our office to pack up all her belongings and the saddest part was during her few minutes presence in the office, she didnt offer any last word before she left not even a smile. My friends & I felt a little offended with what she did, eventhough we havent got the chance to really get to know her, we shared some happy moments together while her 1.5 month stay with the company.
Curious about her action, my friend & I seek for more info on it from our HR. Our HR manager told us that she resigned due to some family matters that she's facing, the part that really irritated me was when the HR mgr mentioned that I knew all about her dilemma.
My other office mates and I were puzzled by her decision. During our 1.5 month together, we knew that she was unable to cope with all new technical skills taught. She mentioned a few times about finding another job that suits her. As for me & the rest, we wanted to give a shot and try to adopt into the working environment. I think no matter where you work there are always new things to learn and each one of us must have the guts and willingness to try out something new. I always believe that learning is an immortal process in life, it'll never end as there is always room for improvement in our life to be a better human being.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Anidraw's blog

Welcome to my blog. Eversince I left school, this is the very 1st time I'm keeping a journal. I was 1st introduced to blogger by a friend of mine who had a blog where she kept her journal. It's taking me quite sometimes to think of what to write in. I remember during my schooldays, my former English teacher forced us to keep a daily journal to help us improve our English writing skills, and thanks to her, alhamdulillah I'm always capabale of getting a good job compared to my housemates during uni years who had difficulty in getting hired due to lack of proficiency in English. I graduated from National University of Msia (Universiti Kebangsaan Msia), during my 1st employment interview, the interviewer (who was then my former boss) was surprised that I can communicate & converse very well in English. He claimed that this UKM, the acronym that he used referred to Universiti 'Kampung' Msia produces graduates who are mostly not proficient in English. During my uni years I've never thought that all Msia employers would have that perception towards all UKM graduates. I thought my former boss was prejudice and he should never judge interview candidates based on their tertiary educational institution. Well I didnt exactly say it out loud to his face that he should never underestimate people, instead I said that my father had put emphasis on the importance of mastering the English Language (thanks also to my father for his 'strictness' on learning English).
I think it's true that English is a very important language especially nowadays where ICT is virtually creating a borderless world, and the English language is mainly used as the medium of instruction on the web. The fact that English is used as the medium for international trading is making the language as the international language at the moment. So, like it or not each of us must be able not only understand the medium but also able to converse & communicate in the language if we dont wanna be left behind.