Saturday, November 01, 2008

My children are my life

Since the very day I started having children of my own, my life literally resolves around them. I watched them grow up in front and observed how their demands change over time. I remember watching their favourite television programmes with them, singing along the theme songs with, and having to buy merchandise related to the show. Every single day of their childhood never failed to awe and amaze me with every little discovery they made.

In this update, I'd like to share the amazing talents that my children have. Let me first introduce my eldest boy. His given name is Azhan and he's now 7 years old. Azhan is a Year 3 pupil at St Luke's C.E primary school. Azhan's favourite colours are red, blue and purple. The most extraordinary thing about my darling Azhan is his artistic talent. At any pass time that he has, he'd always make drawing. Fadz said Azhan possesses a rather bold and daring stroke which could clearly be seen in all of Azhan's paintings. In this painting for instance, Azhan's stroke made the painting looked dramatic and alive.

I personally think Azhan is very creative; an attibute he takes after Fadz. Just look at this name plate that he made. Neither I nor Fadz could recall ever teaching or showing him how to make one but he creatively made one by combining plasticine of different colours.

I would never consider Azhan as a prodigy artist but he's just like any other boys of his age who still enjoys his play time with his little brother, Nine. Azhan's favourite toy is non other than the infamous Lego. Fadz just loves the way Azhan creatively built all the bricks and transformed them into something different than the Lego given manual.

It's time to introduce my next little rascal; Nine, a five-year old who's now in Year 1. Given name Zulkarnain but since the day he was born, we prefer to call him Nine. This youngest child of mine is very much like me in nature; chatty, bubbly and could easily become sulky. We also share the same interest; reading. Nine's linguistic ability has developed at the tender age of one. I'm always in awe at how quickly he picks up words taught in school. Even when he was in Foundation unit, Nine was already given the books for Year 1 pupils. I just love to listen to Nine's reading. He always reads stories enthusiastically; full of emotion and expression. He even makes different voices for different characters.
Despite his chatty nature, he usually shies away with any one new to him. But once he's got to know the person, he'd turn to his natural character.
There's another thing that Nine and I have in common, Maths. We both love learning Maths. Nine could quickly grasp any Mathematically concepts that his teacher taught in school. He'd usually share it with me as soon as he got back from school. I like the fact that Nine always finds ways of applying what he learnt in his play time.
All in all, I think that my children are genuinely genius in their own unique ways. I must say that my children are not only my life but my living pride (I'm sure every parent is proud of their children). I never regretted having them in my life. In fact their existence makes my life more interesting than ever.