Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Since you were gone...

I'm so indulged in my new role as 'almost single stay at home mom' that I haven't been able to update this little blog of mine. It's been approximately eight weeks since my hubby depart to Manchester. I never thought that I'd miss him this much. And with everyday that passes by without my hubby being physically there for us, my eldest son, Han is becoming more and more like him. It never occurred to me or my hubby that our eldest will pick up my hubby's artistic attribute; drawing talent. I never imagined that my 5-year old son can actualy draw. When he was younger, he never really shown his interest or talent to draw. He was just like any other boy his age when they hold on to pencils; they scribble.

Ever since my hubby started working in Manchester, Han has somehow developed a liking to draw. He'd spend most of his spare time at home drawing compared to his younger brother Nine who prefers reading books. Han usually draws anything that pops into his head, most of his drawings are sketches of objects that he sees. For intance, yesterday he found is old coloring book with illustration of dinosaurs on the cover. He looked at the picture, and tried to imitate it. Han's ability always amazes me, but today is extra special. His school teacher told me that my son is good at drawing. She asked me if he does the same at home, I plainly told her yes and I told her that my hubby is blessed with the same gift as Han. She told me that she was amazed with his drawing and what really amazed me was that, there's a story behind the picture that he drew.

The picture that Han drew was some sort of map of direction to the Jusco Mall where I took him and his younger brother to, last weekend. Han explained to his teacher about the place that he had gone to, that I drove him there. Eventually, he remembers everything that happened last weekend and he could actually put it down on a sheet of paper. When he got home, he drew his aunt's college; the place that we stopped by before going to the mall. I don't know how to describe my pride for having a boy like my eldest son, Azhan. He's the best gift from God that I've ever had. Not so talkative, quite sensitive young boy, reliable and sometimes helpful. Now that my hubby isn't around, Azhan is the one who's been helping me to clean up the house everytime his little brother messes their toys.