Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Bury will always be in Bloom

Hello my fellow audience. I know, I know (as my boy An would say whenever I kept telling him to do things that he’s aware of), it’s nearly centuries I haven’t posted here. Might I add, my penmanship too is getting rusty due to my abandonment.

Let me start off this entry by some flashing news. The author of ‘Bed of Roses’ is back in town! You read it right! After completing nearly four circles of the beautiful four seasons, we decided to head back to our roots; Malaysia, for good. It was not an easy decision to make especially when the kids have adjusted so well to the weather, culture and language there. Plus, my partner and I were very much localised to the little town in northern Manchester. There was nothing to complain about Bury. Famous for its Best Market in Britain, Bury to us is a diamond in the rough.

To those who love the hectic and busy life in the big city, Bury may be the last place they’d want to be. But for me and my husband who are sick of big city life, Bury is the perfect getaway. I could vividly recall our mundane weekend routine. Every Friday afternoon right after work, (I work half-day on Fridays) I’d walk to the retail park near our place which is about 10 minutes on foot for a retail therapy session. I simply love it there. Nearly all of the well-known British high-street labels are offered here. I’d spend a couple of hours going in and out of every single shop lot before I start walking to Morley Street where my boys were schooled. Most of the times, I’d return empty-handed (well not really; I always bought snacks for my kids) but with a lighter head after indulging the view of beautiful garments.

Saturday is my lie in day. I’d wake up as late into the morning as possible. Never managed to be in bed till afternoon tough cause the boys would be in and out of my room until I got out of bed. Most of the times, all the male in the house would shook me off so we could quickly go to the local library which is about 10 minutes walk from our place. Each of my boys would grab 5 books to bring home. Azhan roots for the non-fiction while Nine enjoy story books. Saturday is also the day I’d treat my hubby and kids to special menu such as nasi beriani, tomato or nasi lemak (don’t laugh. It’s quite special here since you can never find makcik nasi lemak in Bury, ever). Later in the afternoon, we’d stroll down the park right across our place. My kids would usually take their bikes and made a few laps round it before they head for the playground. Sometimes they’d play with their friends from school here. Ah, bliss!

At dawn of Sunday, my hubby would hurry off to help his chairman organise the carboot. His chairman is involved with the local athletic club and carboot is one of the activities they organise to raise fund for the club. My kids and I would later join him to see what they have in store and we’d come home with bags of toys. (I always wonder how some of other people’s junk could be treasure for others. I guess each of us value things differently.) Later in the afternoon when my partner returns home, we’d go out for grocery shopping.

We like to take this route cause it always reminds us of the changing season. Changing seasons never fail to amaze me. It doesn’t take a brainer to think that this is all the Almighty’s doing. I thank God for giving me the chance to witness one of His Greatness for nearly four times. It was an opportunity that I will always cherish and remember for the rest of my life. And I really wish that someday He would give me another chance to see and experience it again.

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm back

Hello peeps! The long awaited d_laDy is back to heal your misery. Check out my latest post later this week. See ya!