Monday, May 22, 2006

Sejambak bunga seharum wangian

Rasenye dh lame sgt tak m’update blog ni. Entah la mengapa, tp rasenye sbb terlalu sebok dgn study dan keje. Plus, my studies require me to do a lot of writings for the endless assignments, case studies and term papers. This could be one factor why I’m a lil’ bit lazy to write anything, maklumlah dh t’lalu byk rsnye nukilan b’btk ilmiah yg dihasilkan sepjg semester ni (ade unsur2 riak di situ, :D)

Kalu nk diikutkn mmg agak t’lewat utk mengucapkn Selamat Hari Ibu buat semua ibu di dunia. But I guess it’s not too late to thank and express my sincerest and deepest gratitude to my hubby and my 2 wonderful sons for the beautiful bouquet and the set of par fume that I’ve always wanted. I never thought that my hubby would personally hand it to me. Thanks B, really appreciate it. I really love those gifts. Tahun depan bagi lagi, bole? Kalu ade rezeki, I’ll pick those flowers myself when me and the kids join you in Bury. :D

Oh ya, on that very same day that I got the bouquet, I also received some beautiful tulips from a long lost friend. A very good friend of mine whom I haven’t met for the past 15 years and a friend I’ve been searching for quite sometimes. To my dear friend, thank you for the beautiful and colorful tulips. I do hope that we could stay friends forever. Hopefully, we could finally meet when I’m in your town, soon... tungggguuuuuu

Buat sume ibu di dunia, Selamat Hari Ibu. Utk mak yang tersayang, yang telah melahirkn dan membesarkn saya sepanjang saya di bawah tangggungan mak, terima kasih di atas segala-galanya. Budi mak tak mungkin dapat dibalas dgn wang ringgit. I could tell the hard times you had to go thru to have me, and the countless sleepless nights that you had to put up with just to attend to me. I realized it now since I’ve got my own sons to attend to and worry about. Once again, terima kasih mak. Sayang mak...