Monday, November 15, 2010

A new chapter

September 3rd 2010, marked a new chapter in my life as a wife. The date signifies that I'd spent a third of my life devoting my love for the man I married ten years ago. Sure, our ride towards the 10th year wasn't always dandy. It was sometimes accompanied by turbulent, thunder and horrifying things but somehow or rather with my partner, Fadz's patience's we made it to that magic number 10. All those horrible experiences were not the only thing we shared, but there were beautiful and joyous moments we'd shared too which made us a strong couple. Knowing that Fadz would always be there for me made our journey pleasurable and the pains more endurable.
I was never a good wife. There were even times when I misbehaved or even forgotten my place and here I'd like to apologise openly if I'd broken your heart, brought misery into your life and led you astray. But, believe me dear Fadz, being with you is the best thing that had ever happen to me. Let us now put the past behind and start a new chapter together.

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